Never Give Up and Never Give In!

Never Give Up and Never Give In!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prayer For The Peoples

Heavenly Father,
I am discerning prayer is greatly needed for letting go.
So as you decree freedom unlimited for your creation I agree and speak this forth. No more wandering and wondering for
as we Believe it comes.
Thank You forever for bringing divine strength and
unused hidden power exposed into the universe as never experienced before.
I ask that your will is done as we come into the knowledge of your plan of overcoming all that is with in this system of corruption.
We further the diviness with in us as we be more realer in our lives.
We are the ones we have been waiting for to make things right.
I honor you Father for allowing us to make the changes and all else needed for this great ******* to allow us to mount up as eagles above all that which is not of you.
I Thank, Love and Bless you My heavenly Father for caring and loving us enough to do this ******* that is needed for you to be exposed to the ends of the earth into infinity.
Eternity listening for the time to allow much and more of your perfect plan to be unveiled.
We are your weapons of mass distruction,
More of the more makes many of sorrow become of JOY and lots of laughter for healing is coming to those who
BELIEVE it first in order to make manifest.
Letting Go and Letting YOU…. Our Father…..The God of glory, The God of Israel and The God of The Universe to arise for
Our unseen Savior.
Inheritance made available on earth continuing into heaven on earth for power filled and powerful living.
Be seen in us, your family, working purpose filled, united, strong, wise, faith filled, holy, loving, listening, obeying, manifesters of YOU in every form and fashion known and unknown for the greater is to be made known.
Beyond the veil life!
Abundant life giver forces.
Letting go!
We Be!
Freed~ Completely!
In Jesus’ Holy Name!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Nugget

Don’t judge everything.
No matter what comes you can do what is needed to overcome the problems.
Are you ready NOW?
Start doing the opposite!
Your heart is a center of unlimited power.
Be grateful that each experience brings a lesson needed.

As you become Thankful for everything,
Truth appears and healing brings freedom.
Take time to take a thinking learning journey.

Written by Rilda

Sunday, August 24, 2014

All Is Well

Blessings to all,
That is a powerful message I have discovered.
No matter what comes my way....I must say
" All Is Well!"
Then I remember I need this experience for growth.
So truly all is well for I am growing in to the unique woman God's created me to be.
I Know in my knower all is well.
I accept there is power in the purpose
and victory is mine.

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