Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mission Minded

Mission Minded

On a mission to fulfill Jesus left the heavenly sphere to come here.
He knew the will of His Father.
He expressed His Father so perfectly.
Humble and lovable to die with such knowing.
This mission being fulfilled kept Him a going.
He on the cross in such agony and great pain,
We as believers have much gain.
Not in vain did Jesus suffer.
He is the example of a true heart and everybody lover.
He is part of us that must awake and partake of the
commission given to love one another.
He is all in all the greatest of gifts.
The door opener to show the way the truth and the life.
With Him guiding there is New Life.
His story is known all over the world through out the ages,
He the man who loved enough to willing lay down his life
for no wages.
Released from the flesh to walk in another dimension again,
This anointed One who has overcome death, the grave and sin.
His all He gave.
Living among the living and not the dead,
Jesus the life giver of riches beyond measure.
His actions with Father gives much pleasure.
In this life I am honored to know this Jesus as my friend.
He still lives everywhere there is a place made for Him to enter in.
He rules and reigns forever more.
Jesus The King and my forever Lord.
Master to master self.
With Love.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

It Pours

                                          I am sending out by faith, Love into the Universe.
So all falls into a place where hope exists.
May we each find God's love to then express love unconditionally.
Love never fails the one who has eyes to see and ears to hear what is the will of the Father.
In Jesus' Holy Name I know Love pours continually.

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