After the ascension

After the ascension
After the ascension

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Making A Choice

What a awesome time of year.
I have been looking back to move forward.
Leaving the past behind is much needed as I realize more of the plan God has for me.
As I am finding more time and energy I receive more knowledge of what has to be done.
I went on a journey this year to find E N E R G Y.
In my search I have gained energy and I accomplish now all I set out to do.
I am daily finding more and more of what makes me happy.
Money usually isn’t involved.
It’s a mind set….I tell myself I am going to feel good and be happy.
Then through out the day…I remind myself …
I feel good and I am happy.
It makes my day go by with understanding that I am in control.
You see it doesn’t matter what God wants if my will and His aren’t lining up.
He will not interfere with my choice…so I have to know what I need so it can manifest.
If I don’t then any thing will come my way to take my mind here and there.
It is like me convincing someone to believe like I do.
For me to go against their belief or thinking will cause me to fall out of favor with Father.
So I am learning.
Becoming me the real one who lives to be full of goodness and love.
Written by Rilda Peel

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