Sunday, January 18, 2015


I am a witness that this is truth.
Hubby and I have created our home on our land,
with the thoughts of what we want and
a pencil drawn plan of the design.
And Wow!
We are living in it.
One add on at a time.
Praising God daily for all!
As we each think of our desires,
Let's never give up till it is finished.
One day at a time.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Just wanted to send you a
HUG and say
“Lets learn to laugh and play some each day….OK?”
Just know what you believe and stick to that cause when the whirlwind comes and things become all mixed up….it will be
 that strong belief that will get you through it.
Remember to remember
You Do Have Free Will,
You choose for yourself as you are
THINKING for yourself.
He always makes a way!
Love You all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Making A Choice

What a awesome time of year.
I have been looking back to move forward.
Leaving the past behind is much needed as I realize more of the plan God has for me.
As I am finding more time and energy I receive more knowledge of what has to be done.
I went on a journey this year to find E N E R G Y.
In my search I have gained energy and I accomplish now all I set out to do.
I am daily finding more and more of what makes me happy.
Money usually isn’t involved.
It’s a mind set….I tell myself I am going to feel good and be happy.
Then through out the day…I remind myself …
I feel good and I am happy.
It makes my day go by with understanding that I am in control.
You see it doesn’t matter what God wants if my will and His aren’t lining up.
He will not interfere with my choice…so I have to know what I need so it can manifest.
If I don’t then any thing will come my way to take my mind here and there.
It is like me convincing someone to believe like I do.
For me to go against their belief or thinking will cause me to fall out of favor with Father.
So I am learning.
Becoming me the real one who lives to be full of goodness and love.
Written by Rilda Peel

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